Opportunity for acquisition or shareholding of extraordinary pharmaceutical plant

By Francisco Coello  -  On 22 May, 2014 -  0 comments

For manufacturing of registration batches and medium-sized batches, supported by a center for R&D excellence...

Top-quality, multi-product plant located in the Technology Park in Vitoria (Spain) with capacity of developing products in the different pharmaceutical forms, both for production of registration batches and of medium-sized batches, supported by one of the best centers for pharmaceuticals development in the University of Vitoria.



    • Opportunity to produce registration batches in the different pharmaceutical forms, including high-tech products with support of the R&D center of the University of Vitoria.
    • Scale-up to medium-sized production batches from registration batches.
    • Highly flexible facilities for the production of the different pharmaceutical forms.
    • Plant with staff experienced in the introduction of new products.
    • Support from a Center of Excellence of the University of Pharmacy of Vitoria for development of new products with added value.

Today’s business

    • Manufacture of registration batches and medium-sized batches in solids, semi-solids and liquids, with the option of implementing sterile products in an area prepared for this purpose.
    • Certified with European GMP’s both for manufacture of registration batches and also for production batches.
    • Extraordinary compliance with the European GMP’s, as has been recorded in the various visits from the Health Authorities.
    • Support from the Authorities of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country for development of new businesses and for tax treatment.
    • Small staff, which keeps the general costs and the employment costs highly competitive.
    • Experienced staff with high educational level.
    • Excellent transportation connections with Madrid, Pamplona and other areas with outstanding economic development.
    • Investment in equipment of roughly 1 million EUR since the start of activity.

Technical characteristics

    • Solids area for products by wet granulation with drying on trays or on a fluid bed dryer.
    • Equipment for production of standard tablets, coated tablets and hard tablets.
    • Production of semisolids, including the manufacture of the bulk, the filling and packaging.
    • Batch manufacture area, which likewise includes manufacture of bulk (standard bottles and jars), filling and packaging.
    • Injectables area with HVAC system already installed, WFI and pure steam. Ready for introduction of machinery and start-up of activity.
    • Warehouse in the Plant itself for active ingredients and excipients and an additional one for the rest of the Plant’s activities.
    • Exceptional compliance with environmental measures.
    • Total area of the Plant and warehouses: 1200 m2.